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Sanitec en Pologne

Sanitec Group as the greatest sanitary ware producer in Europe appeared in Poland in 1993 purchasing the majority shares of ZKS KOLO. The investments of the following years enabled creation of the new plants producing bathroom equipment. Under the common trade mark KOLO the following saniware is being sold: Nova, Nova Top, Nova Top Pico, Nova Top - No Barriers, Nova Top Junior, Fantasia, Impulse and Applause, bathroom furniture, acrylic tubs and shower trays, bathtubs with hydromassage, shower cabins, disabled equipment for the bathroom.

Moreover, in kLO is perceived as the promoter of modern bathroom concept for each Polish family, hotel or office. The position of the leader in sanitary ware branch in Poland and multiyear experience in this area yielded in the issue of "Bathroom Standards". The latter define the types and bathroom functions which provide comfort and beauty in modern housing.